Beyond UCaaS - UCCaaS - CPaaS Platforms

  • Communications Enabled Business Processing (CEBP)
  • Highly Scalable & Secure Platform
  • Digital Communications from Websites / Mobile apps and Ecommerce sites
  • Communications integrated within Business Apps
  • Time Zone Management

All Customer Communications in a BROWSER

  • Phone, Digital Voice/Video, SMS, Email, Chat, Social Media, WhatsApp
  • Handle Global Phone traffic [PRI & SIP]li>
  • WebRTC Supported
  • Full Media interoperability

Architecture for Global Business Management

  • Supports dispersed multi-device teams, Multi-location Operations
  • Designed for Uniform Service delivery
  • Templatised service delivery with local market changes
  • Centralised Process Management

Security & Risk Management for Global D2C Business

  • Application Security [AppSec] Certified
  • Multi-Geography Regulatory Compliance
  • Rule based Access

Manage Global Business Operations Easily

  • Template based Process creation
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Web Browser based Access

DIY Business App Integration and Change Management

  • Published Jodo Web services / API
  • Standard Connectors for major platforms
  • Business Application Integration