Jodo World

Real-time Issue

For your employees with Video &
Screen Share

Support Your Support

Empower your Helpdesk to go the extra mile and deliver a quick resolution of immediate needs, incidents, and technical issues of employees.


Help employees stay ahead of their issues.

When service is paramount.

Unified Service Delivery

Unified space to support your employees so that they can better support your customers

Digital Support Space

A helpdesk that’s beyond traditional telephony, extended to digital Video, Voice & Chat channels.

Quick Resolution

Assist your employees in real time across department & quickly resolve bottlenecks through screen & document sharing.

Data Analytics

Collect & leverage the right kind of data with prebuilt dashboards

Real Time tracking

Empower your managers to identify, track & resolve the issues they face in real time

Enhanced Ticketing

Integrate all digital & traditional communication channels in your ticketing applications for easy record storage & management