Jodo World

Single UNIFORM Service Delivery Platform For
Global Business Operations
(including Automated Services)

Public & Private Deployment

Scalable one cloud infrastructure.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Ensure business protection & continuity

Global Compliance

OFCOM, TRAI, FCC compliant.

Distributed Architecture

Connect multiple 1800 links from multiple countries & markets to one cloud

Uniform Service Delivery

Easily extend live communication channels to dealers, stores, and franchises

Call Recording

Recorded & Catalogued interactions for easy retrieval and analysis of customer interactions

Automation With Ai

TTS, & ASR for Inbound & Outbound Phone, SMS & Email Campaigns.

Advanced Dashboards

Real-time business reporting & management across your enterprise globally.


Automated Dialers

Powerful Preview & Progressive dialling modes

Call Distribution

ACD With Skill based routing

Multiple Routing Options

FIFO, Best Match & Queue Position

In-built Scriptor

Guide employee-customer conversations with Jodo Scriptor

Team Messaging

Exchange messages between team members

Jodo CRM

In-built CRM application

Custom Workflows

In-built Self-service tools to create your own IVR flows

Virtual Numbers

Protect against employee attrition & improve privacy.

Additional Features list for Inbound Traffic handling

Customer Self-Service / Automation Tools

  • IVR
  • TTS – Text To Speech & Integration with self-service Applications
  • ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Bots

Skill Based Relationship Mapping

  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Best Match
  • Queue Position

Subject Matter Expert

  • SME Expert based assistance/ Escalations Customer Self-Service / Automation Tools

Routing Options

  • Routing to multiple delivery centers
  • Routing to home agents
  • Routing to dealer / stores via their land line / GSM/ Mobile App / Browser
  • Nearest resource connection

Unified Automatic Call Distribution

  • Customer Wait Time
  • Announce Queue position
  • Campaign specific Queue announcements
  • Campaign specific Hold Music
  • Transfer call to Campaign Queues

Multilingual Customer Interaction, Toolbar, Mobile App’s

  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • Multilingual Queue announcement
  • Multilingual CRM

CRM, ERP, HRMS, CMS integrations

  • Salesforces
  • MS Dynamics
  • Zoho
  • Prestashop
  • Sugar CRM
  • Magento
  • WordPress

Online Monitoring & Dashboards

  • Graphical Dashboard & Wallboards
  • Online Monitoring – Color change on threshold
  • Online Data Details
  • Agent performance analysis
  • AHT – Average Handling Time

Email / SMS information from IVR /Dispositions

  • Integration with Customer DB

Payment Gateway integrations

  • Payment Gateway IVR

IVR Integration with Back End System/3rd Party Databases

  • Register requests for information via SMS / Email from self-service


  • Seamless Chat, Call and Video Media

  • Between Digital and Phone networks

Remote / Local DB integration

  • Open Standards direct Integration with  multiple Db applications
  • Send SMS / Email based on IVR inputs

Disaster Recovery (DR) and BCP

  • Redundancy (Live Backup)
  • DR with full Duplication of Services
  • High Availability

Recording and Retention

  • Encryption of recordings
  • Define local or external Multi Storage server
  • Multiple Recording retrieval options and Scoring to Agents

Device Agnostic

  • Desktop & Laptop with Speaker and Mic
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet

Additional Features list for Outbound Traffic handling​

Campaign Management

  • Centralized, business rule and contact record distribution engine to create and execute sophisticated, high-yield campaign strategies.


  • Configure the pace or speed of the dialing & ensure that there are enough agents to handle outbound as well as contacts in other channels.

Multiple Dialing Modes

  • Preview
  • Progressive
  • Predictive
  • Messenger (broadcast)
  • Manual

Priority Dialing options

  • Call Type Priority
  • Contact Type Priority
  • Selective Lead Dialing
  • Selective Device Dialing

Data Management

  • Import Data based on formats
  • Reset Dialer Disposed Data

CLI Management

  • Schedule / Assign Multiple CLID for Outbound campaigns
  • Auto Scheduling of calls based on Media & dialler response

Screen Capture

  • Record & Monitor employee & agent screens

Skill/Relationship based mapping

  • Assign agents based on most skilled or mapped relationship to answer customer queries based on previous interactions

Call Routing options

  • Least Cost Routing
  • Nearest resource connection
  • Routing to Delivery Centers
  • Routing to Home Agents
  • Routing to Dealers/ Connectivity to branch office
  • Language/Skills based Dialing


  • Online Monitoring – Visual change on threshold breach
  • Online Data Details
  • Agent performance analysis
  • AHT – Average Handling Time
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Mobile app-based Supervisor monitoring
  • Alerts for long duration calls.
  • Alerts for Abandoned Ratio crossing the threshold

Call-Back Management

  • Reallocation of Call-back Calls
  • Callback Exception

CRM Integration

  • Ready DIY CRM Connector for different CRM’s
  • Connector for different ERP Solutions
  • WebHooks / API based integrations

Mobile app-based Supervisor monitoring

  • Operations/ Management team being on the mobile and Tablet devices.
  • Supports Monitoring SLA’s & dashboards.


  • Data/Lead Management
  • DNC – Inbuilt blacklist, NDNC scrubbing
  • Time Zone definition