Work From Anywhere – Digital Communications

LIVE D2C Communications from your websites / eCommerce sites

Work From Anywhere – Phone operations

Handle Phone operations via dispersed, WFH resources

Jodo Cloud

Real-time D2C Global Business Operations in ‘Connected’ Business World

Jodo Social

Start live D2C conversations Globally across multiple social media channels.

Jodo Mobile App

Jodo Mobile changes customer response paradigms

Jodo Call

Start Live D2C calls from Websites / eCommerce Sites between Global customers and business teams

Insurance Industry Use case –
Vehicle Insurance

Jodo D2C Communications Use Case – Road-side emergency

Insurance Industry Use case –
Medical Insurance

Jodo D2C – Buy policy online from website or eCommerce site

Healthcare Industry Use case

Jodo D2C communications for the Healthcare Industry

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Jodo D2C for real-time travel, support, book your trip online

Brochures / Data sheets

Jodo cloud

Jodo connect

Jodo world