Jodo Cloud

Single Automated Service
Delivery Platform For
Global Business Operations

Public & Private Deployment

Scalable one cloud infrastructure.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Ensure business protection & continuity

Global Compliance

OFCOM, TRAI, FCC compliant.

Distributed Architecture

Connect multiple 1800 links from multiple countries & markets to one cloud

Uniform Service Delivery

Easily extend live communication channels to dealers, stores, and franchises

Call Recording

Recorded & Catalogued interactions for easy retrieval and analysis of customer interactions

Automation With Ai

TTS, & ASR for Inbound & Outbound Phone, SMS & Email Campaigns.

Advanced Dashboards

Real-time business reporting & management across your enterprise globally.


Automated Dialers

Powerful Preview & Progressive dialling modes

Call Distribution

ACD With Skill based routing

Multiple Routing Options

FIFO, Best Match & Queue Position

In-built Scriptor

Guide employee-customer conversations with Jodo Scriptor

Team Messaging

Exchange messages between team members


In-built CRM application

Custom Workflows

In-built Self-service tools to create your own IVR flows

Virtual Numbers

Protect against employee attrition & improve privacy.