Jodo World

Engage talent globally, control attrition & build a better workplace

With Jodo HR Solutions

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Empower your HR teams, improve process management and enhance talent engagement globally with video interviews & appraisals with Jodo World’s single cloud framework. Let your employees know that they matter.

Human Resources

Expand your recruitment base & improve employee onboarding.

Make better hiring decisions!

Direct Scheduling

Directly schedule Voice & Video appointments from your website recruitment page.

Enhanced Recruitment

Conduct Video Interviews directly from your HRMS with Jodo Video.

Quick Onboarding

Quickly onboard employees with secure online document collection & sharing.

Apprasial Management

Conduct & record all online re-skilling, re-fresher training, appraisal & onboarding sessions.

Connected Workforce

Bridge the gap between remote & physical employee management.

Bridge the Gap

Make employee conflict management easier

DIY Intergration

Add Jodo services directly to your HRMS with Jodo API's.