Jodo Cloud

 Healthcare & Telemedicine

Create Doctor-Patient Connections that matter.

With Jodo Connect pharmacies, hospitals, and health insurance providers to make sure doctors stay informed & patients are taken care of.

Make specialized healthcare more accessible for patients from the comfort of their homes

Record & store every patient interaction for easy review

A system built for healthcare professionals & patents

Online Patient Assistance

Provide real-time assistance through voice, video, and chat to patients.

Patient & Service Management

With advanced doctor-patient collaboration tools, patients can book appointments, consult online, receive prescriptions & more in real-time.

Quick & Easy HIS Intergration

Provide quick access to patient data to doctors during online consultations.

Patient Records

Use Jodo API to connect & gain access to patient records in Realtime while connecting with Patients

Secure Doc Share

Doctors & Patients can share records, test results, insurance documents & more through Jodo Doc Share

Live Video Care

Embed live video directly into your website, & mobile apps to make to easy for patients to reach out & talk to you

Help Doctors Connect & Collaborate

Provide patients with the best possible healthcare outcomes by helping doctors collaborate in real-time with other experts in the field around the globe.

Global Compliance

Rest assured Jodo covers Data Compliance for the new Wave of Privacy Regulations: GDPR, HIPAA, TRAI, AppSec, Ofcom, & More.