Jodo Cloud


Connect all your delivery centers, logistics agencies & satellite customer pick-up points across the globe into a single business framework. ​

Connect your customers directly with right supplier, reseller, & warehouse based their location, language & timezone.

Voice, Video, & Chat

Intergrade Voice, Video & Chat directly into your Ecommerce webpage or platform.

More than just buying & Selling

Give Customers live product Demos directly from your product pages using Jodo Video

Personalised Complaint Resolution

Quickly resolve complaints using voice, video & chat.

Integrate Jodo directly into your ticketing system to help your employees quickly track customer issues.

One Platform, Many Channels

Consumers & Suppliers can interact through multiple channels like Voice, Video, Chat on a central platform, with the addition of direct communications where needed.

Seamless & Real-time service delivery across all communication channels and media, in multiple languages, and across any device.