Jodo Cloud

Faster Issue

How do you define a firebrand Customer Support ?

Proactive, receptive, exceeding expectations of satisfaction, right?

Empower your Customer Support team to be all this with correct handy information and an uninterrupted connection. Enable them with tools to sense and meet customers’ technical needs.

Extended Support Channels

Quickly add other healthcare experts to patient consultation calls & provide second opinions in realtime.

Cross Channel Help

Respond to your customers across mobile and social media platforms

Skills based Routing

Route the at-risk customer’s calls to the most suitable customer care exec for faster resolution

Issue Tracking

Real-time & transparent issue-resolution processes.


Device, bandwidth & location detection, customer profiles with interaction history, & connections based on business objectives


Supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox Edge & Safari.


Conversations can be directly integrated into CRMs, ERPs, & HRMS within the same frame.

Secure & Compliant

HTTPS, APPSEC, OFCOM, TRAI, FCC & Recorded Conversations.

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Live Support Desk

Let the customer choose how they seek support Jodo Call, Chat, Video, Email, Social Media, or Self Service

Self Service

Help customers help themselves with advanced self-service options like IVR, Chat & Ai Voicebots

Screen & Doc Sharing

Provide hands on support to at risk customers from any website, platform & campaign.


Easy Integration with enterprise ticketing solutions & business applications

Workflow Automation

Automatic distribution of emails, chats, & calls based on custom business workflow