IVR Flow Toolkit

The Avhan Call Flow Designer (CFD) is a rapid development Toolkit/Environment for building Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Interactive Fax Response (IFR) Applications. However, the Avhan CFD is not just a development tool. It provides a highly interactive and visual representation of the way you want your call to flow, right from the time a customer calls, to the type of IVR responses and menu options with the appropriate cues and till call termination. This is made possible through the use of an extremely user-friendly graphical user interface that allows you to simply drag and drop different flow icons on to an IVR workspace.

Avhan IVR systems are deployed across over 30 geographic regions and many thousand ports are operational on 24x7x365 basis in Banks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, eGovernance applications across South East Asia.

The Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) feature in Avhan IVR systems allows callers to speak with a virtual agent for selecting various menu options. Another example of humanizing technology! This application is best suited in a scenario where the user uses rotary phones or needs to keep his hands free.

Avhan Technologies has a proven track record in delivering high quality speech recognition systems. Using in-house speech-analysts and a vocabulary of 30,000 words, Avhan ensures that its solution recognizes local idioms and colloquial phrases.

Avhan IVR solutions with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities are used by Banks, Airlines and in Mobile VAS solutions.

Avhan IVR solutions are available in Hosted as well as on premise model.