Jodo Cloud

Work From Anywhere

Engage talented employees to do their best work from anywhere!

Offer Part-time, full-time engagements securely.

#NowYouCan engage business teams to work and support Multi-country business operations

Extend the Jodo D2C business processes to any device, anywhere

Gives your employees access to Voice, Video, Chat, Document & Screen Sharing wherever they are

Enable Borderless Business operations

Set up & Connect new remote employees, teams, locations, devices effortlessly and control everything from Bus apps, workflows, call flows, greetings, IVR, Bots and more in real-time

Create a globally unified workspace that is completely Browser based & App Driven.

Jodo gives employees everything they need to work more efficiently from anywhere

Access real-time customer data with communications

Jodo integrates each communication event with business apps and presents you a clear view of your customer and business

Create exceptional real-time Customer experiences with seamless cross channel engagements.