Jodo Cloud

Get higher ROI on spending on marketing campaigns.

Turn your marketing campaigns into immersive, no-halt experience of customer engagement. Expand your business to other countries

& to other demographies in your country with localized linguistic support.


Establish trust with your customers by letting them speak to energetic and enthusiastic teams who understand them better and responds in their native language. Create marketing campaigns that matter to your customers!

Live & Direct

Customizable data fields, and analytics to help reform MarCom plans.

Enhanced Marketing

Live engagement from your Social Media, Digital Ads, Emails & QR Codes

Global Campaign Management

Create & manage multilingual, multi-device, global campaigns in real-time.

Remote Management

Extend campaign management to remote teams



D2C framework apt for Marketing Automation


Distributed architecture & media interoperability


Easily build and scale communication enabled global marketing campaigns.

DIY Integration

DIY integration with CRMs, CMS & ERPs for deeper customer insights with Monitoring, Recording, Reporting interaction & Dashboards

Business Scenarios

World on a temporary halt, yet the show must go on. Our client in consumer electronics space believes in this and wanted to leverage Jodo’s offerings to stay ahead the curve. Here is a host of possibilities of customer interaction.

During the pandemic many electronic companies started to hold virtual expos to showcase their new products coming out in the near future.