Jodo Cloud

 Jodo Video  

 Create Powerful D2C Connections for your Enterprise/business & its Customers with Jodo Video – Turn barriers into opportunities! 

Offer Seamless collaboration to your customers with you global employees, business partners & outsourcing agencies

Create Human Experience

Connect customers with business resources in their language in real-time and boost customer satisfaction as well as boost sales globally

Access real-time customer data with communications

Access real-time customer data with communications

Extended Video Support

Extended remote location support to your partners, dealers & more through your B2B network

Help customers Discover, Explore, Buy, Use, Ask, & Engage in Minutes

Video from any Channel

Let customers start video calls from any website, Ad campaigns, Ecommerce Sites & More

Augment any Industry Vertical

Use Video to extend the capabilities of your industry with ease

Secure & Reliable

Jodo Video is 100% encrypted & everything is recorded

The ultimate solution for quick problem identification & resolution to build better customer relationships in the Digital Age


Humanized Customer Interactions to help customers through complex purchases like Health Insurance

Retail & E- Commerce

Give Customers live product demos directly from your product pages & reduce shopping cart abandonment


Use Video to connect customers to specialized support in real-time


Better Post-Op patient healthcare with live video check-ups

Financial Services & Digital Banking

Secure Video Verification directly from any APP, Website & Financial Platform