Jodo Cloud

 Jodo Mobile  

 Your Enterprise, Customers, Employees on the Go 

Small but mighty for customers

All In One Solution

Ordering, Order tracking, authentication, payment processing & direct omnichannel integration like WhatsApp Messenger Integration

A Powerful Mobile Extention

Jodo Mobile is an extension of the Jodo framework that provides everything your employees need on any smart device to help support customers through their journey

Easy to Navigate App

Jodo Mobile offers employees access to Voice, Video, Chat, Social, & Doc sharing in one easy-to-navigate app

Your employees are always connected, no matter where they are

Globally Connected Resources

Your employees can use Jodo Mobile to connect to your business & customers, collaborate with other business resources, support customer & more

Adapt to Change

Jodo Mobile offers geo-tracking, GPS, and location-based services, empowering your business with real-time information to help

Mobile Contact Center

Extend the capabilities of your contact centre to any smart device* enhancing multi-device interactions to drive down cost & deliver engaging customer experiences

Expense to Asset

Monitoring On the Go

Simplify your business operations & monitor all enterprise data on through the APP on the GO

Reduce Cost

Experience lower toll-free rates & a smaller hardware footprint