Jodo Cloud

 Jodo Email  

 Turn your mails into powerful marketing, sales, support & Communication Tools 

Integrate powerful communications media widgets directly into your business & enterprise mail

Voice, Video & Chat Driven Mails

Add a link that lets customers start Voice, Video, & Chat directly directly from your emails

Analytics Driven

Jodo Email coupled with Jodo’s advanced dashboards & analytics lets you create smarter more well-defined global marketing & sales campaigns

Break Through The Clutter

Create personalized customer journeys & engage your customers with email campaigns as unique as their online behaviours wherever they are

More Engaged Audiences for Better Customer Relationships

Video from any Channel

“With features like email blast, it’s easy to conduct custom global mail campaigns whether it’s for marketing, sales, customer support, or giving your partners, dealers, outsources & sellers an easy way to reach you.”

Intergration & Flexibiltiy

Enterprise Mail

Jodo Mail can also be easily integrated into many existing enterprise mail servers

API Driven

Jodo API’s & Connectors lets you easily integrate our email solution into CRM’s, ERP’s, HRMS, and other business applications