Jodo Cloud

Powerful Connections, Exponential Gains
With Jodo Digital.

Say goodbye to the monotony of 1800, now turn your website & eCommerce portals into powerful touchpoints for direct 2 customer connections.

Bring all your stakeholders to one page.

Overcome geographical barriers with multi-lingual support. Be more accessible, approachable, & forge synergistic relationships.
Experience Boderless business.

Jodo Digital is a easy to integrate cloud framework, that brings the power of Video, Voice, Chat to your business apps, websites,
ecommerce portals & more.


Start video conversations,
directly from any website.
No external apps needed,
no phones needed,
just in Online Sales.

Point to Point Connections

One cloud, single-point integration

100% Secure

A digital framework that does not
compromise the security of your

Extended Business Framework

Connect your customers to your
nearest dealer, stores, franchises &
outsourcing agencies directly through
live Video, Voice & Chat.

Point to Point Connections

Monitor & manage diverse teams,
dispersed globally from a single
business touch-point.


Enhance the Work-from-anywhere
experience for employees with
browser-based access to the entire
Jodo Digital suite

Uniform Service Delivery

Uniform service delivery across multiple
markets, geographies & touch-points.

Collapse Business Processes

Provide assistance in real-time through
any digital communications channels
across your customer touchpoints.

Easy Integration

Customized integration with various
business applications for Marketing,
Sales, HR, Customer Support &



Public & Private cloud deployment.

Digital Channels

Jodo Call, Video, & Chat.

Collaboration & Support

Screen & Document sharing with image capture for your customers & employees.

Recorded Interactions

Customizable integration with payment gateway

Customer Insights

Realtime customer insights for employees like location, language, device & bandwidth.

Open API’s

Easy integration of enterprise & business applications.


Indepth analytics with advance dashboards & wallboards.

Skills Based Routing

Assign the right resources, based on customer profile. Correct routing, assured resolution.

Business Scenario

Improved Customer Experience. On-demand Assistance. Boost in Online Sales.

Improved Customer Experience. On-demand Assistance.
Boost in Online Sales.

Bank A wants to make opening a savings account easier for their customers from the comfort of their homes.

In order to provide on-demand customer assistance during this process, they did add Jodo Digital to their website.

Customers visiting the virtual booths can ask for a live demo of a particular product they are interested in.

Booth reps can share brochures, manuals & other documents securely with their customers directly from their live stream itself.

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