Jodo Cloud

Jodo Chat

Powerful, lightweight, easy to integrate chat solutions for global customer by global teams

A chat solution that connects customers with employees, stores, franchisees integrated with your business apps

Browser Based

Jodo Chat that can be integrated into any website & business application

Omnichannel Integrations

Integrate chat with AI chatbots  jodo Video, Calling, & Mobile

Document Share

Employees can share documents directly through their chat windows.

An Intelligent chat solution that powers digital interactions within your enterprise globally.

Better Day To Day

Help employees get the most out of their Day to Day with real-time collaboration

Enterprise Wide Chat

Connect teams, facilitate task management & create efficient workflows.

Database powered

Help employees to the right information at the right time with Database & Archive integration.

Jodo chat covers a wide range of enterprise & business needs.

Realtime Support

Provide 24/7 support to your customers globally.

Personalised Conversations

Personal Conversation starters with “User Chat Greetings”, Automated Ad Announcements & More

Automated Responses

Add Conditions to Trigger Automated Messages & Chat Responses

Direct Integration

Can be directly integrated into CRMs like Salesforce, Ms Dynamics, Zoho, Magento & More

Boost your customer engagement with Real-Time Chat, Prompts & Triggers

Boost Marketing & Sales

With Jodo Chat drive customer loyalty, awareness & never miss a revenue opportunity.

Insight Driven

Track visitors in real-time & gain Insight into customer behaviour with Deep Insights & Analytics.

Don't let customers bounce!

Reduce your website bounce rates & improve lead generation with skill-based routing.

Give Employees more Context

With Jodo your employees know more about customers like  Location, Number of Visits to a websites Time Spent on a page, Name, Device information & More