Jodo Cloud


"Connected" CLOUD Business Framework

Seamlessly connect & manage People + Communications + Apps / Tech from ONE Cloud

- Creating D2C business processes via Web-based Communications

Get ALL customer communication channels and business apps in a SINGLE browser Interface or a mobile app.

Integrate multiple technologies seamlessly to create Real-time business operations across your CONNECTED business teams. 


Start Direct-to-Customer business operations .... in minutes


Real-time business

Browser driven


Public - Private Cloud

The Business world has changed -
it's a CONNECTED world with
NEW possibilities

Jodo creates businesses that are global from inception & built to scale digitally.

Start Direct-2-Customer (D2C) business operations, globallly, in minutes...

Jodo is the NEW Normal way of doing Business

Jodo DISRUPTS Business Technology Delivery and Integration practices,
Induct latest Digital Technology in minutes / hours

Web-based Communications to create NEW digital business processes

Start LIVE Audio / Video Communications with Customer
WITHIN Websites / eCommerce / Mobile / Business Apps

* Jodo Digital Channels allow Screen-share, Doc-share in real-time
* Record ALL business communications globally
* ALL Global business Communications via the Cloud - No local technology equipment required, Use a Browser to do business.
* EMBED and handle communications within web-based software application / platform interface directly.
* Eliminate Toll-Free costs and complexities
* Easily serve customers from anywhere in the world

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Reduce 75% of your operating costs GLOBALLY

A SINGLE Cloud Infrastructure for Multi-Country operations

* Terminate 1800 / Telecom Channels from across the world in Jodo World and connect with any of the teams in your business.
Support ALL communication channels:
- Voice | Video | Chat | SMS | Social Media | Cloud Telephony | Messengers | Bots | WhatsApp | Skype | Twilio | Amazon Connect ....
* 360 degree view of customers, employees, business partners in Real-time
* Do away with local software integration projects in multiple markets , Roll out business changes globally instantly.

Reduce 75% of your manpower costs GLOBALLY

Single AUTOMATION Framework globally - across ALL communication channels

* Create a UNIFORM business approach globally, supporting local business practices.
- Bots | NLP | ASR | TTS | Ai | Messenger Dialers - Voice blaster | Jodo Video bots | Jodo Voice bots | Missed Call | Google Flow | Amazon Polly |

Reduce 75% of your IT costs GLOBALLY

Integrating external / extended business teams into real-time operations

* Integrate and manage Internal as well as extended / external business teams and resources into a seamless, collaborative, real-time business process

Reduce 75% of your operating costs GLOBALLY

Redefining Legacy Contact Centers in the Connected, Borderless business world

* Jodo Contact Center Technology stack supports digital business processes as well as legacy business processes at GLOBAL scale.
* DIY integrations with Websites, CRM, Marketing Automation, Helpdesk, Ecommerce platforms
* Jodo API for developers

Reduce 75% of your operating costs GLOBALLY