Jodo Cloud


Make specialized healthcare more accessible for

patients from the comfort of their homes.

Provide patients with the best possible healthcare outcomes by helping them consult with experts in real-time from anywhere via online video consultation. Easily integrate with HIS solutions and help healthcare professionals access patient data like insurance, lab test reports, and prescriptions.

your overflow.

Multi Disciplinary Assistance

Quickly add other healthcare experts to patient consultation calls & provide second opinions in realtime.


Faster patient

Data Repository

Securely record & store all consultation & prescription data.


With Jodo World cloud framework connect pharmacies, hospitals, and health insurance providers to enable seemless communications.


Device, bandwidth & location detection, customer profiles with interaction history, & connections based on business objectives


Supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox Edge & Safari.


Conversations can be directly integrated into CRMs, ERPs, & HRMS within the same frame.

Secure & Compliant

HTTPS, APPSEC, OFCOM, TRAI, FCC & Recorded Conversations.

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Quick & Easy HIS Integration.

Provide quick access to patient data to doctors during online consultations.

Patient Records

Use Jodo API to connect & gain access to patient records in Realtime while connecting with Patients

No Long Waits

Enable patients to quickly connect to any department without long wait times.

Healthcare Compliance

HIPPA & Cloud Security Compliant

Patient-Service Management

With advanced doctor-patient collaboration tools, patients can book appointments.

Secure Document Sharing

Doctors & Patients can share records, test results, insurance documents & more through Jodo Doc Share