Jodo Cloud

24*7 support
for a 24*7 store.

Grow your global business uninterrupted,

even when one-half of the globe is asleep.

Wings of digital transformation
to improve direct sales

Click, connect and experience borderless business with a single automation framework globally. Voice, video, and chat from a single browser-based solution. Connect all your delivery centers, logistics agencies & satellite customer pick-up points across the globe into a single location.

Jodo's web 3.0
to redefine Direct-2-customer

Extended Network

Direct contact between the customer and the right supplier, reseller & wearhouse.

Live Demos

Start live product demos from product pages listed on your site

Easy Integration

Quick integration with ticketing systems for easy tracking of customer issues.

Multi-Lingual Service

Multi-channel, multi-lingual customer interaction served seamlessly

Improve Customer Retention

Personalized issue resolution, higher chances of customer retention.

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Integration flexibility with you CRM, CMS & ERP or business application of choice. (APIs)

Uniformed Service delivery

Cloud infrastructure to provide uniform service delivery to your global customers.


Single automation framework to collapse business processes


Communication-enabled business processes

Cloud Framework

Multi tenant, Distributed architecture & media interoperability

Business Scenarios

What prods a visitor to your eCommerce portal to become a regular customer? Let each click lead  to a pack cart and checkout with personalized attention to your customers’ spoken and unspoken queries. What could be better than a thorough, live product demo that would get the job done? Our client in the eCommerce space acknowledged this possibility and this is what they did!

Live Product Demonstration
for Enhanced Customer Experience

In order to enhance their customer’s online purchase experience, ecommerce company A has decided to add on- demand live demos on their product listing pages & the ability for customers to connect directly to their nearest stores & dealers.

To achieve this, they decided to integrate Jodo Digital’s direct 2 customer video, voice & chat services that let their most skilled sales employees conduct live product demo directly from their product pages.

With Jodo Digitals cloud infrastructure the ecommerce company also extended one network to all their partners, dealers, & experts.

They optimised their lead & resource management by removing the need for multiple experts as one expert could track & multiple live customer interactions directly from their CRM.