Jodo Cloud

Customer Support

Provide Direct 2 Customer Realtime Support

Augment your customer support operations facilitate employee-customer connections through any channel with Single Cloud Framework.

Live Help through any channel!

Create a live help desk & let the customer choose how they seek support Jodo Call, Chat, Video, Email, Social Media, or Self Service

Provide 24/7 Support with Live Connect through Voice, Video & Chat

Support your customers anytime they need it, & connect the right employee based on skill, location, customer language & more.

Help customers better support themselves with advanced self-service options like IVR, Chat & Voicebots.

Screen & Document Sharing right from your website

Let employees share their screens &  the right documents to help support customers from any website, platform & campaign.

Automated Ticketing

Easy Integration with enterprise ticketing solutions & business applications to automatically distribute Emails, Chats, & Calls based on custom business workflows.

Customer Support For The New Business Landscape