Jodo Cloud

 Cloud Telephony  

 Redefine your Phone operations in the Connected business world 

Now you have a Single Cloud Tech for Multi-Market Phone operations

Handle 1800 from multiple countries Handle calls from any Browser/Mobile App – No Phones/Equipment

Support Work From Anywhere Ops Connect business users Globally to deliver D2C business operations

Engage Multi-lingual, multi- device, virtual teams & Monitor Global business operations in Real-time

A Cloud Telephony Framework that is easy to integrate, lightweight & Omnichannel ready!

No onsite implementation required

No Installation Of Phonelines

No Need For a dedicated expert to deploy & configure the system

No More Deployment Delays

Support Cloud communications

Toll-Free & Local Number Integration

State of the Art Automation

IVR, TTS, Voice Recognition, Bots , Voice blasters in multiple languages

360 degree customer engagement across Channels

Video, chat, Social Media, Screen & Document Share

Advanced Routing for Global Operations

Multilingual skill-based routing and queue management across teams working from anywhere

RAPID Integrations with business platforms

RAPID Integrations with business platforms

Boost your Enterprise Operations globally

With Jodo cloud telephony, employees are no longer limited to hosted landlines or traditional PBX systems, connections can be easily routed to employees on the got and in remote locations

Globally Compliant Framework