Avhan Cloud Automated Services - Zephyr

Avhan's Zephyr is an intelligent Cloud based Telephony Application for inbound and outbound interactions.

Zephyr is multimodal and offers a powerful multilingual communication platform.  Zephyr is designed to provide businesses with easy and rapid access to security-rich, enterprise class communication technologies and infrastructure at no capex and a significantly low operating cost.

A web-cum-telephony platform, Zephyr provides easy interfaces to integrate with diverse third party Enterprise and CRM systems running in the cloud or in your network, thereby keeping your critical business logic and data secure and unexposed to the outside world.

Zephyr can be deployed as a standalone system with components comprising of a user with an Internet enabled desktop computer (to setup and manage campaigns) and the target recipients over multiple channels.

When deployed within your enterprise cloud, Zephyr’s web services framework provides interfaces to easily integrate with your internal systems and interact with the outside world.